What is behind the Falls?

“I have seen Niagara, and I have gone insane. I must tell you all about it before dying.”

What are we

I Have Seen Niagara brings you stories and sounds from the borderland of Niagara Falls.
It is a weekly show, consisting of short stories, a monthly sound/text collage exploration called Beyond the Western Door, and a full-length season finale.

Who are we

We are a group of artists mostly based in the Western New York area.
The idea for the podcast was conceived by G Lucas Crane and W.T. Love in 2020.

Writers: L.A. Fontaine, G Lucas Crane, W.T. Love, Devon Fick
Sound: G Lucas Crane, Annie Taylor
Video: Zach Trebino
Design: E.C. Norwood
Voices: Ric Royer, David Crandall, Admiral Grey, Deanna Knapik, G Lucas Crane, Annie Taylor, Dr. Bank, Roy G. Biz, Tony Pepperoni

Contact us at la.fontaine@ihaveseenniagara.com