Come, stay a night with us at the motel that goes by many names, here in weird and magical Niagara Falls, NY. Let us be your guide through the suicide and honeymoon capital of the world, city of light and dark wonder, with stories of the bizarre and soundscapes of creepy delectation. Enter with your eyes closed and your mind open, as we send logic over the brink.
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Legends of the Falls, part 5: The Hourglass I Have Seen Niagara

Season two finale! It's news reporter Zach El Keebaugh's final night in Niagara Falls, and it could be his final night on earth if THE HOURGLASS of eternal youth is delivered to the wrong door. Written and narrated by Ric Royer. Soundtrack by G Lucas Crane. Voices: Zach Trebino (Zach El Keebaugh), Deanna Knapik (Hourglass Lady), David Crandall (Biker), Admiral Grey (Hospital Corners), Miriam Atkin (Maid), Zach Keebaugh (Lace Mummy), Noah Britton (TV). Best experienced while watching accompanying video by Zach Trebino on our youtube channel:
  1. Legends of the Falls, part 5: The Hourglass
  2. Beyond The Western Door: Bottled Glory
  3. Legends of the Falls, part 4: Lace Mummy
  4. Legends of the Falls, part 3: A Chimp Named Mark Twain
  5. Legends of the Falls, part 2: Devil's Hole Pizza and Ribs
  6. Legends of the Falls, part 1: The Wagon Wheel
  7. Season 1 Wrap and Trap
  8. The Sunflower Cult, part 5: Alone with a Living Body
  9. Beyond the Western Door: Magnetic on Main
  10. The Sunflower Cult, part 4: Voices from the Other Side