Come, stay a night with us at the motel that goes by many names, here in weird and magical Niagara Falls, NY. Let us be your guide through the suicide and honeymoon capital of the world, city of light and dark wonder, with stories of the bizarre and soundscapes of creepy delectation. Enter with your eyes closed and your mind open, as we send logic over the brink.
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Daredevils, part 4: "Dear Diary, I Kill Daredevils" I Have Seen Niagara

The daredevil body count is on the rise in the City of Niagara. The Sergeant of the Police Squad is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the killer. Only, he is both the cat AND the mouse. How far will his mind let him go with delusions of heroism, when deep down he knows he's just a puppet for the twisted plans of the Mayor with the Unpronounceable Name? As he nears his breaking point, he turns to drinking and watching too much television. BUT WILL IT HELP?? Written by Zach Trebino. Voices: David Crandall (Sergeant), Admiral Grey (Ursula), Tony Pepperoni and Zach Trebino. Soundtrack by Alice Kemp.
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