Come, stay a night with us here in weird and magical Niagara Falls, NY. Let us be your guide through the suicide and honeymoon capital of the world, city of light and dark wonder, with stories of the bizarre and soundscapes of creepy delectation. Enter with your eyes closed and your mind open, as we send logic over the brink.
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Strange Sports of Western NY, part 4: BOWLING I Have Seen Niagara

We return to Focazio's Lanes, a bowling alley in Niagara Falls famous for being the place where the hoagie was invented. We meet Deanna, the area's greatest bowler to ever have her fingers ripped off by a sinister bowling ball named Bocephus and then have her whole body turned into a spoon. As Knock Em Down Deanna always said, "What more you need to know, pal?" Written by Zach Trebino Deanna: Admiral Grey Additional voices: Deanna Knapik, Tony Pepp, G Lucas Crane, Zach Trebino Violin: Dee Yan Key Sounds: G Lucas Crane [Want more IHSN? Secret episodes and dark stealth codes when you sign up for our Patreon,
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